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Rich Taylor’s PRSLHS Page 2

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PRSL_Oil_Train_1 small   PRSL_Oil_Train_2 small

PRSL Oil Train 8-8-75

Tuckahoe NJ           Dorothy NJ



Ocean_City_Ferry_1 small  Ocean_City_Ferry_2 small

Reading System Kaighn Point ferry "Ocean City"

These photos were made on August 14, 1981 when she was in Jamestown-Surry service on the James River. The lettering Reading System was still visible under the paint above the arch windows.


RDC small

PRSL RDC flying at 85 MPH in Estelle Manor on 8-5-75



Ocean City NJ 10th Street Station 8-5-73

10th_ Street Station_1 small 10th_Street Staion_2 small 10th_Street Station_3 small




PRSL_S-12_6029_Ocean_City small

PRSL S12 6029 Ocean City NJ 10th Street Station 8-18-62


Wildwood small

Wildwood NJ Oak Ave. Station August 1965


Wildwood_Reefer_1 small Wildwood_Reefer_2 small

There was a reefer for permanent cold storage at a beer distributor right next to the Wildwood Oak Avenue station for many years.

It is car FGEX 33489. Rich captured it “in service” and as it was likely leaving the area forever in Tuckahoe.  





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All photos this page were taken by Rich Taylor


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