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About 20 years ago there was a small group of people that ran a PRSL Historical society. I went to the meetings for a few years. It disbanded because the 2 of the 3 people doing 99% of the work got married to each other and wanted to move on. After repeated requests by the group founders for the members to join in and help out nothing happened. No one stepped up and it was over.


With the sales of PRSL related items I see on eBay every week I know that we are all still out there somewhere. It is easier to keep in contact with email and websites now for little to no cost. PRSL fans from all over the country have already expressed their interest and joined us.


The membership is free and on line only. Paper newsletters are labor intensive and are expensive to produce and mail. We may eventually have a newsletter; however that will be on line only as well in PDF form. We have no real expenses right now so why set up a dues structure? Collecting the dues is another labor intensive position. The most important thing that is needed is an interest in the PRSL.



Instructions for joining the PRSLHS Mailing List


1. Click here You should now have a new email popped open with the email address already in it and this message in the body:  subscribe Do not add to it or change it in any way. Delete all signatures or anything else in the email body. Just click send on this email. You have now sent your request to join.


If you do not get a new email pop open for you, open a new blank email.


Put this address in the email TO:


Put this text only in the email body:  subscribe


Delete all signatures or anything else in the email body.

Send the email. You have now sent your request to join.


2. You should quickly get (within 1 minute) a confirmation email back with the first line of ďWe received a request for subscription to the following mailing list" that includes a long link. Click on the link to confirm and you should get a massage that you are now confirmed on the email list. If you are on AOL and donít know what to do, forward the confirmation email to me. I have successfully confirmed someone on AOL this way myself.


You will now get all the emails regarding PRLSHS meetings and the upcoming tours.


Click here and send the email to unsubscribe to the PRSLHS email list.




Our groupís emphasis will be on sharing your personal PRSL experiences, (especially if you were a PRSL employee) your photos and memorabilia during the PRSLís period of actual operation..


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Resuscitated from a 20 year nap on 1-25-07

Updated 5-7-21