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On Sunday July 29, 2007 the PRSLHS was treated to a great tour at the SMS Railroad in the Pureland Industrial Center in Bridgeport NJ.




We arrived at about 9:00 AM and loaded up the SMS transfer caboose with everything needed for a rolling Caboose Barbeque. It is the LAST STAND of a live all Baldwin Power roster in the United States still making a living 50+ years after they were built. We went along for the ride and had a front row seat in the caboose while SMS performed their regular switching duties. We were a part of a real crew for a day! The tour was also the day before my 45th birthday so I had a most unique rolling caboose party! The SMS crew could not do enough for us. Every little detail was done with a smile. Jim Boylan came prepared with a shirt from the original PRSLHS 20 years ago! We rolled in from the third and final switching run at about 2:30. We would like to publicly thank Brian Murray and his crew for all of their wonderful hospitality. It is sincerely appreciated!! We have already been invited back for another trip possibly in the fall.



A light but steady rain fell for most of the day but that did not stop us from having an excellent time. I did not like taking my camera out in the rain but got some shots anyway. Some of the shots were taken with a rain drop or 2 on the lens. It just could not be avoided. Other members on the tour will have their photos featured here as well. My wife Donna went along for most of the day. We had 3 rounds of switching with a break for lunch.


Click on the photos to make them larger


SMS_1 smallSMS_2 smallSMS_3 small

Getting Started Donna & John Campanelli Tom Moran & Brian Murray


SMS_4 smallSMS_5 smallSMS_6 small

Meeting Conrail on the Mainline Picking Up a Late Arrival A Shirt From the Original PRSLHS!


SMS_7 smallSMS_8 smallSMS_9 small

A Motley Crew! Out On The SMS Mainline Damsel Donna


SMS_10 smallSMS_11 smallSMS_12 small

Brian Murray & John Campanelli Tom Moran Photo Runby 1


SMS_13 smallSMS_14 smallSMS_15 small

Photo Runby 2 Photo Runby 3 Switching Run #2


SMS_16 smallSMS_17 smallSMS_18 small

Barbeque Lou McCall One Of Our Locos Old FM Switcher

SMS_19 smallSMS_20 smallSMS_21 small

Me In The AS616 The End of A Great Day The Big 4 5 Cake


All Photos are by Bill Lane

Note the raindrop streaks in Photo Runby 3



This is a WMV file which opens for me in Windows Media Player. You should not try to view the video unless you are on high speed internet. It is a 27 MB and may take a few minutes to download into a temp file. It is a bit shaky in the middle of the last clip at full zoom because I hand held the camera.


SMS 22

Click On The Photo To Stream The Video




Cape My Seashore Lines

On November 3, 2007 we went for a ride on the Cape May Seashore Lines from Richland to Tuckahoe.

The weather could have been better but the ride was great.


CMSL1 smallCMSL2 small


CMSL3 smallCMSL4 small


CMSL5 smallCMSL6 small


Berlin NJ 9-29-08

Some PRSLHS members went to the Berlin NJ Station to visit the Long-A-Coming Historical Society Museum.

A New Jersey Transit train ride to Philadelphia and back was the event for the morning, then visit the station and photograph trains in the afternoon.


All photos are courtesy of Dave Homer.

The stone mile maker shown is in the parking lot area of Berlin Station.


Berlin_1 smallBerlin_2 small


Berlin_3Berlin_4 small


Berlin_5 smallBerlin_6 Small



Updated 5-7-21

Resuscitated from a 20 year nap on 1-25-07